I find it interesting that as I have become more comfortable in who I am, and what that means for me, I surround myself with those that are, quite literally, like minded.  Yes, this is a common theme throughout society, we populate our personal communities with people who have similar views, hobbies etc…. but unknowingly surrounding yourself with others who endure similar, invisible illnesses… that is fascinating.
What is most captivating about this is that, of all of the friends I have made throughout my life, the most supportive and steadfast are those who suffer as well… maybe it’s because they understand that silence doesn’t mean animosity, disinterest isn’t indifference to them personally and that nine times out of ten damaged things can be fixed if the effort is there.
* I wrote something here in regards to previous, unhealthy friend groups and expectations from certain individuals, but it was neither constructive nor positive *

This is a message to all of my friends who have stuck through with me, who show their support, even when the energy is hard to muster and their days are just as dark. I appreciate all of you – and know that I am here to support you.

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