the things you forget

Spending months beneath a heavy dark shroud can really alter how you view the world around you – especially after the shroud has been lifted.
Over the past two weeks, I’ve taken some time, and went through the annual process of teaching myself how to human again. During that process I’ve come up with a list of the things I forgot throughout my seasonal depression… and here they are:

  1. the joy that creeps through my body when it is sunny out
  2. going to sleep early and waking up refreshed for the day (not 10 minutes before I need to go to work)
  3. having the motivation to shower and generally take care of myself
  4. being alone isn’t a bad thing and is actually quite enjoyable
  5. music doesn’t just have to make me sad
  6. food is really really good
  7. I don’t have to spend forever reminding myself to breathe
  8. smiling and laughing really do feel great
  9. the people who love you do stick around
  10. there’s always light at the end, even if it’s dim or blurred, it’s there.

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