self love

I've been quietly grappling with the idea of self love for a long time. It's easy to be an advocate for others to love themselves - to listen, relate and reassure someone that they deserve their own affection - but to do the same for myself seems impossible. That's not to say that I dwell... Continue Reading →

uncomfortable emotions.

I hit a breaking point last week. I fell in to a pattern that I haven't felt in a very long time - if you've read my previous post on self harm, you would know my opinion and history on the subject - you would also know, for me to even think about harming myself, I... Continue Reading →

push over.

Last weekend I went on a business trip, it was extremely stressful and busy, but in the end it was successful and, - despite ending the trip with a panic attack on the airplane - for the most part, I had a good time. Going in to full blown anxiety mode on the plane ride... Continue Reading →

pre-lift off ramblings.

I have a lot of things going on right now, which is why writing has been more sporadic than planned - I feel like I've been sick for weeks, between a cold that doesn't want to give up and stomach issues that plague me daily, I haven't really been able to mentally prepare myself for... Continue Reading →

self-harm [tw]

We’re going to talk about a tough subject again, because for me, today, it feels relevant. This is something I normally don’t talk about, even with those closest to me, because it’s not exactly a pleasant topic and it really isn’t something I like to broadcast, but I’ve started this blog for a reason so... Continue Reading →


when I was younger I had two alter egos: Amy and Alyssa. I think I created them, initially, because I spent a lot of time alone ... so instead of making real friends, like normal children, I made friends with parts of myself. Amy was everything I wanted to be, blonde haired and blue eyed,... Continue Reading →

the things you forget

Spending months beneath a heavy dark shroud can really alter how you view the world around you - especially after the shroud has been lifted. Over the past two weeks, I've taken some time, and went through the annual process of teaching myself how to human again. During that process I've come up with a... Continue Reading →

the sun will come out – tomorrow

a rare, aforementioned, good day has graced me with its presence - along with real sunshine. I feel like this week has been extremely long, with an over abundance of stressful situations, but the clouds have cleared for a brief moment. I find these times really weird, mostly because I'm not used to feeling "happy". It... Continue Reading →

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